• Aaron Hannon

COVID Response Team Co-Ordinating Bronchoscopy, Intubation and Dental Protection Devices

While regulatory and clinical preparation of the CRT Emergency Ventilator is ongoing, the team has been able to dedicate a portion of its resources towards keeping frontline clinicians safe from infection, particularly to protect clinicians performing bronchoscopy, intubation and dental procedures. These devices, currently undergoing preparation for regulatory approval, are being designed and built in collaboration with NUI Galway, Arrotek Medical, Hollister ULC and Johnson and Johnson’s Advanced Technology Centre.

Two of the key initial needs identified were in bronchoscopy and intubation. These procedures result in a high viral load being sprayed at the clinician in the form of aerosolised droplets. Even with high grade PPE, these procedures remain a high risk for infection transfer. As such, risk mitigating devices are necessary to keep frontline clinicians healthy.

CRT, alongside our collaborators and clinicians have developed an innovative “bronchoscopy box” and “intubation dress” which stop the spread of infection at source by trapping aerosolised droplets close to the patient’s face. These sealed procedures minimise the risk of infection for clinicians.

Clinical testing of the devices is ongoing. CRT would like to thank all University Hospital Galway staff who have contributed especially Dr David Breen, Consultant Respiratory Physician, and Dr David Cosgrave, Consultant Anaesthetist, for their continued support and guidance.

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