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Protection for Healthcare Workers and Ventilator Update

While it is a relief to see COVID numbers in Ireland steadily decreasing, COVID Response Team is committed to solving COVID related issues both here and abroad until the pandemic is resolved.

Intubation protection in surgeries

As the situation evolves in Ireland, the urgent healthcare needs have changed. As hospitals are seeing less critically ill COVID patients currently a priority is to get elective surgeries back up and running at normal capacity. Over the past 4 months countless surgeries have been cancelled and it is essential that we start relieving the back log of patients who were left waiting for these surgeries. We are running a trial in Galway University Hospital for intubation bag which will protect all healthcare workers in the surgery from contracting COVID from a potentially asymptomatic carrier of COVID. This will allow far more surgeries to take place with all present at far lower risk of contracting the virus. See video above of a demonstration used to train clinicians in using this piece of equipment.


As COVID numbers continue to decline here, the international rate of growth continues to increase day on day. We are engaging in supporting internationally while there is not a need for invasive ventilators locally. This includes getting competent international suppliers after seeking regulatory approval.

Other clinical needs

On other fronts, we have supplied dental practices with suction pieces and are collaborating with various groups to supply further dental protection in the case of a second peak before there is a vaccine widely available. We have also begun looking at clinical needs for respiratory physiotherapists to ensure they can get back to work in a larger capacity safely.

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