• Aaron Hannon

Technical Updates and Announcements from CRT

COVID Response Team (CRT) would like to make several announcements to donors, supporters and the public regarding progress in tackling the technical response to COVID-19. Firstly, CRT would like to acknowledge that this project has been made possible by the incredible support from the public, from clinical and engineering experts and from a huge variety of companies spanning multiple industries.

We are very pleased with the fantastic level of support we are with Boston Scientific, a market leading medical device company and household name. Over the past week, the CRT design team has worked with a highly committed and talented cohort of Boston Scientific engineering staff. This relationship will continue to provide CRT with access to such technical expertise alongside access to first-class prototyping facilities. We are pleased to remain committed to being not-for-profit and to sharing our designs.

With this fantastic support, and the support of many others, the CRT design team is quickly moving towards delivering a robust, easy-to-use and safe ventilation system. As such, the assembly of the first test system is well underway. The results thus far have been very encouraging. In the coming week, we expect to complete a first full prototype which will be presented to a team of experts including Consultant Anaesthetists, ICU clinicians and engineers along with other specialists in the field for evaluation and testing.  

We continue to have teams working on number of other areas related to this ventilator including design for manufacture, regulatory and documentation preparation, as well as education and training for healthcare workers. As an organisation, CRT remains committed to supporting the response to COVID-19 by any means possible.

To that end, on Saturday, 28th of March, CRT we are similarly pleased to announce that CRT successfully delivered 20 ventilator stands to Cork University Hospital. Following a breakdown in the international supply chain, ventilator support stands were provided by CRT to the hospital.


CRT is committed to sharing our designs and not-for-profit. Our vision is to release our designs free of charge alongside detailed manufacturing instructions to competent manufacturers internationally. Designs will be published after a robust clinical assessment has been carried out, and the design has been approved for human use by clinical experts. As part of our mission to save lives, CRT is committed to ensuring that safety standards are met by all Emergency Ventilator manufacturers.

We continue to be humbled and grateful for the support offered by so many in response to our #KeepBreathing campaign. The campaign, which has now exceeded over €130,000, has been an incredible success thanks to the generosity and kindness of our donors. We will shortly provide a breakdown on how additional funds above the stated goal will be spent to help address the COVID-19 crisis.

CRT would like to take this opportunity to again thank our donors, supporters and team for their support. We look forward to issuing regular updates in the near future.

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